PASS Connector Editorial for October 21- by Andy Warren

Hi All,

I’m starting to get ready for the Summit, making sure I can find my jacket (I don’t use it much in Florida!) and have plenty of business cards. And as much as I enjoy the technical stuff, it’s really the people part that makes it something to look forward to - literally hundreds of friends and acquaintances built over 10 years in the SQL business. Being a DBA often means working solo, so it’s nice to be among those that share the challenges and passions. Say hello if you see me!

On the topic of friends and networking, join me at our 2 hour networking seminar on Monday with author Don Gabor.  I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and you get an autographed book too.

We’ll be on break during the Summit, and return with the next issue of the Connector on Nov 16th. See you then!