PASS Connector Editorial for September 23- by Andy Warren

It’s the busy time of year here at PASS. We just wrapped our first (but not last!) 24 Hours of PASS virtual conference, the nominating committee is working on the slate of candidates for the Board of Directors, the officer nomination committee is working on recommendations for the officer candidates for this year, and of course PASS Summit is only a few weeks away now. We’re also coming up on the annual election, always a busy and interesting time for PASS.

Changing topics, I’d like to challenge you to participate more in your local chapter. That doesn’t mean you have to go to every meeting, but at least go to enough that you recognize the regulars. Maybe earn some karma by volunteering to show up early to set up the room, or take on a bigger role by taking ownership of finding speakers or sponsors, but go.

Chapters aren’t just technology, they are people, and that’s usually what makes it fun and interesting. It’s also important to the health and success of a good chapter to have good attendance relative to the size of the area. For example, here in Florida, the Space Coast group averages 10-12 attendees. I consider that very good considering it’s a small town. In Tampa, they average 40-50 attendees, not bad at all for a much larger city.

You add value by just attending. Somewhere behind the scenes someone has sent the emails, set up the room, found the speaker, and paid for the pizza. And all they hope for is a good meeting with good attendance. You can go to learn something or to meet people, and just by being there, do something positive. Not sure I said that well, but hopefully it gets you thinking.