PASS Connector Editorial for July 15 - by Andy Warren


As we approach PASS Summit in November, we also approach the time when we’ll be having our annual election and I want to share some information about what’s involved and how you can participate.

The process starts with a nominating committee headed by Immediate Past President Kevin Kline. Kevin will select committee members and together they make a recommendation to the Board of Directors about the officers (President, Vice President of Finance, and Vice President of Marketing) for the next two year term. Officers must be current Board members and the slate is voted on by the Board. The new officers will be announced at the Summit.

The next step is to open nominations for positions on the Board of Directors. We’ll provide full details when that begins, but in the past it has consisted of completing a written application followed by at least one phone interview. The nominating committee then recommends to the Board a slate of candidates for the November election.

Speaking from my own six months of experience on the Board of Directors it’s a serious commitment. Expect to spend 2-5 hours per week on PASS business, and to attend as many as three in person meetings that will last two full days each. It may change, but many of our meetings are held in Seattle which added two full days of travel for those of us on the East coast.

Start thinking about the election. Maybe you’re ready to increase your participation, or maybe you know someone who would be a good candidate. In an upcoming editorial we’ll talk more about the nominating process and the election process.

Andy Warren