PASS Board Elections: The Results Are In!

After a record-setting elections season, PASS is pleased to announce the three candidates elected to serve on the PASS Board of Directors for the 2013/2014 term. Wendy Pastrick of Calamos Investments, James Rowland-Jones of the Big Bang Data Company, and Sri Sridharan of GNET Corp were the top vote-getters in a competitive race for the director-at-large seats.

Continuing the trend of increased voter participation, a record 1,957 voters participated in an active 2012 campaign season of great community forums questions, blogs, open-mic activities, and tweets. A tight race, the difference between second and fifth place was less than 200 votes:

  1. Wendy Pastrick – 1127 votes
  2. James Rowland-Jones – 996 votes
  3. Sri Sridharan – 966 votes
  4. Kendal Van Dyke – 818 votes
  5. Allen Kinsel – 798

Community members across 64 countries voted in the 2-week election, casting a total of 4,705 votes. Although six more voters participated in 2012 compared to 2011, 338 fewer votes were cast, with 2012 seeing an increase in single-vote ballots. In such a close race, every vote makes a difference. And for those who may think the election is decided in the first 2 days, the 2012 candidate standings actually changed from the midpoint of the elections to the final results. It’s never too late to have a say and impact the elections.

Newly elected board members will officially begin serving their term on January 1, 2013. For more information about the candidates and the elections process, see the 2012 PASS Elections site.

Thanks to everyone who asked a question in the candidate forums, blogged and tweeted about the elections, and helped shape the future of PASS by voting. And PASS still needs your ideas and involvement.

As PASS continues to grow, it will also need more dedicated individuals to step up and lead. If you are interested in moving into a leadership role within the PASS community, please check out your local PASS Chapter or a Virtual Chapter. Chapters require a strong team of volunteers to help forge the way and are a great first step to one day serving on the PASS Board yourself.

Congratulations to the newly elected directors, and thanks to all the candidates for a passionate and tightly fought race and enhancing the dialog about what PASS means to all of us.