PASS SQLSaturday (Fiscal Year) 2012 in Review

I still remember the buzz in air and the renewed passion for SQL that came from my first PASS SQLSaturday. Unaware there was a community full of other database professionals just like me, my eyes were opened wide as I sat in sessions and talked with other attendees and sponsors. Not only did I learn new things and meet new people but I went home eagerly anticipating the next user group meeting and the next PASS SQLSaturday. I think it’s safe to say I’m not alone - week after week, year after year, that experience has been repeated tens of thousands of times.

PASS SQLSaturday has gained unstoppable momentum and fiscal year 2012, which ended June 30, saw the biggest year ever for PASS SQLSaturday. The following comparison between 2011 and 2012 shows just how much PASS SQLSaturday has grown:

There are a lot of things to feel good about in those numbers! Read in between the lines and you’ll also find the speakers that had their first experience presenting, the leaders who organized their first community event, and the attendees who had their first introduction to PASS. These are the people we’ll see at future chapter meetings, in the halls and on the stage at the Summit, and serving as Regional Mentors and Directors. As PASS SQLSaturday grows and goes, so does PASS.

On that note, while the majority of PASS SQLSaturdays have been based in the US, the 450% increase in non-US events in just one year serves as a reminder that there are a lot of people we still haven’t reached yet. Shanghai (China), Curacao, Sydney (Australia), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Istanbul, Bangalore, and Dublin (to name just a few) all held their first PASS SQLSaturday in 2012. It wasn’t too long ago that our goal was to hold a PASS SQLSaturday in every state; now it’s time to think even bigger - just imagine where else in the world you’ll see a PASS SQLSaturday next!

Thank You

I’d like to extend a thank you to all of the leaders, speakers, and volunteers who contributed to the success of PASS SQLSaturday during the last year. It takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, and hard work to make each event happen.  I’d like to thank all of our sponsors for your support, without which there would be no PASS SQLSaturday. It’s a special feeling knowing that you have helped over 12,000 people connect, share, and learn with each other.

And of course I’d like to thank everyone who attended a PASS SQLSaturday in the last year. I hope that you enjoyed the experience, learned new things, made new friends, and were motivated to become even more active in the PASS community.

Looking Ahead to FY 2013

Although we’re 2 months into fiscal year 2013 there have already been 12 PASS SQLSaturdays, 26 more officially scheduled, and even more in the pre-planning stages. Current estimates suggest we’re in for at least 80 PASS SQLSaturdays  this fiscal year, including first time events in Cambridge (UK), Munich, Lima, Bulgaria, and Pordenone (Italy) along with a host of others in the US.

Karla Landrum, PASS’s Community Evangelist, has done a tremendous job scouting out new locations and coaching event leaders but it’s become apparent that we need to add to the team if we want to reach that goal of at least 80 events in the next year. Last month we accepted applications for another Community Evangelist and received an incredibly enthusiastic response. We are currently in the interview process and expect to have our second Evangelist on board with PASS HQ in time for the annual Summit in November.

Finally, we’re continually focusing on how we can make the PASS SQLSaturday experience from the planning stages all the way through to the after party smoother for everyone. We’re always making improvements, but we also realize that the best ideas come from the PASS community. We welcome your suggestions and feedback – simply email them to and they’ll get to the PASS SQLSaturday team at PASS HQ.

FY2012 was a breakout year for PASS SQLSaturday and I can’t help but be excited at the possibilities for what will come in 2013!