Official Launch of SQL Server 2012 Takes Place March 7, 2012!

Jennifer Moser, Microsoft SQL Server Senior Marketing Manager and PASS Director, spoke with PASS Marketing Vice President Thomas LaRock again to discuss more about the upcoming virtual launch event of SQL Server 2012 on March 7, 2012.

Thomas: Last time we spoke, you told me about the SQL Server Virtual Launch Event, are there updates you can share?
Jennifer:  Absolutely! As you know on March 7, 2012 we will be hosting the first ever Microsoft SQL Server online launch event. We opened registration for the event in late January and the community seems very excited about this event!

Thomas:  Wow! That’s great news. What do you attribute to your success so far?  
Jennifer:  A couple of things. First, we’ve developed a compelling track of sessions that appeals to our core audience, our IT implementers. We’ve created approximately 30 sessions which focus on the new features and improvements of SQL Server 2012 and our vision for the future. Plus we’re showcasing customers who have already implemented SQL Server 2012. It’s one thing to hear how great SQL Server 2012 is from us- but when you hear directly from customers who have already had success, it has a lot more impact. I’d also attribute our success to our community. Our SQL family has really stepped up to help share the exciting news with their inner circles. We couldn’t have had this kind of success without them.

Thomas:  That’s great to hear! I also hear PASS is giving away some goodies as well. :)
Jennifer:  Yes, you’re right! We’re doing a PASS sweepstakes where if you visit the PASS booth in the Expo Hall on March 7, 2012 you will be entered to win one of six PASS Summit 2012 Recorded Sessions DVD sets, or one of three grand prizes - a full-conference pass to PASS Summit 2012! 

Thomas:  Can’t wait! Looking forward to it. 

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