Budget News

Our budgets tend to be fairly conservative and we try to budget at break-even or a small profit.  After accounting for additional costs we’re roughly estimating a 10% profit for fiscal year 2012.  Over the last two weeks the Board approved a number of motions that used some of this windfall to increase our budgets in key areas.

First, anything that we don’t spend will eventually end up in our reserves.  Our goal is to spend less than $200,000 of our profit and allow the remaining $300,000+ to flow into reserves.  The downside of allocating that money to reserves is that we’ll be taxed on any profit for FY2012.  PASS is a not-for-profit but isn’t tax exempt.

In the PASS budget, the vast majority of our revenue comes from the Summit and that’s where we spend most of our money (Our revenue was higher than projected for Summit 2011 hence the profit we’re seeing for fiscal year 2012).  It’s always a challenge to carve out meaningful contributions for our community programs.  When we do have additional money available one of the first places we look is to our community.  We allocated over $100,000 to support chapters, SQL Saturdays, international events and the 24 Hours of PASS. 

This breaks down as follows:

We also allocated money to areas that aren’t as publicly visible.

If you add all these up you get to $177,200.  We think there may be additional spending around governance changes related to becoming a more international organization and we wanted to leave room for that.  And of course, if we don’t spend it then it goes to reserves.