PASS Board Elects New Officers

The PASS Board of Directors held its 2012 Officer Elections last week, electing the following Officers to 2-year terms that begin on January 1, 2012:

President: Bill Graziano
Executive Vice President, Finance: Douglas McDowell
Vice President, Marketing: Thomas LaRock

Congratulations to all three new Officers.

The new PASS bylaws placed into effect last year helped guide this new election process, allowing any PASS Board member to stand for the Executive Vice President and Vice President, Marketing roles. The role of President must be filled by a Board member who has previously served one term as a PASS Board Officer.

Read on for more about the new PASS Board 2012 Officers:

President: Bill Graziano

Bill Graziano currently serves as the PASS Executive Vice President and previously held the Vice President, Marketing role. With 20 years of database experience under his belt, Bill co-founded and has upheld his SQL Server MVP designation since 2004. Based in Kansas, Bill is a partner in scaleSQL Consulting, which specializes in SQL Server database administration and application development.

Executive Vice President: Douglas McDowell
Douglas McDowell is CEO, North America, for SolidQ. He is a SQL Server MVP and currently serves on the PASS Board of Directors. He is an author and contributing editor for SQL Server Magazine. Douglas holds an MBA, a Masters of Information Technology, and a degree in Culinary Arts. Douglas is a passionate speaker about the value of Business Intelligence.

Director: Thomas LaRock
Thomas LaRock is currently a Senior DBA for Confio Software. He holds a Masters degree in Mathematics and is a member of the Usability Professional’s Association. A seasoned IT professional, Thomas currently serves on the PASS Board of Directors and is a SQL Server MVP. Thomas can also be found blogging at and is the author of DBA Survivor: Become a Rock Star DBA.