PASS Update #7

A very short update this week, the minutes of the January 2009 board meeting have been posted. Going forward we've set a goal of having them online within 2 weeks of the meeting, so I'm hoping we have the minutes of the February 2009 meeting posted soon. If you have any questions, please post below and I'll work on getting you answers.

I've also added a couple new volunteers to the team. Steve Jones is already looking at our LinkedIn presence (here's our group) and trying to figure out how to best support it. Neal Waterstreet is waiting on an assignment (soon!).

Less done this past week than I'd hoped, had to spend time at work/home to prep for being out of the office for a week. I'm visiting PASS HQ on Thursday to spend a day with our full time staff, learning more about what they do, talking about my goals so far, and in general trying to get closer to understanding what work is best done by staff and what work is best done by volunteers within the task areas I manage. To explain on that a little, using full time staff gives us reliability and repeatability, but with a real cost. Using volunteers is a way to reduce our cost, but sometimes at the risk of lower repeatability. Ideally we balance and re-balance, using volunteers in particular when deep knowledge of our profession is required.