PASS Update #4

Last week I posted Update #3 that discussed my first board meeting, but I didn't have time to cover my goals, so I 'll do that and add some other minor items as well.

Defining first quarter goals was a challenge; needed something doable, didn't (and don't) quite understand all the pieces and players yet, and adjusting to a revised portfolio with essentially no history. Here's what I proposed to the Board:

Since then, I've added one goal:

And I've got a few other things in early stages that I'll save until I know for sure what I want do do!

I've identified some volunteers and we're working on getting tasks assigned - I think I've got an extraordinary group (seriously - look at the list), now it's up to me to give them the right work to do and let them do it!

I'm also having to work on delegating. I'm not bad at it, but I'm used to relying on volunteers for shorter and more tactical tasks on game day as it were, now I have to look for people to take on a wider range of tasks. I'm reluctant so far to publicly list tasks assigned to a specific volunteer, but eventually it might be a good idea. For now the plan is that if a volunteer gets something done expect me to publicize it here (or on the PASS blog), and if something doesn't get done - I didn't manage to completion and I'll have to own that.

Speaking of volunteers - if at some point you volunteered to join my Merry Men (um, People) and I've excluded you, it wasn't deliberate. Drop me an email and I'll do my best to find something that fits your talents and time.

So aside from goals, it's been a struggle to keep pace with the email. I'm expected to contribute to conversations that may not involve my assignments, so I'm spending time looking at 2008 Summit survey results, thoughts from Tom Larock on SIG's, marketing plans for PASS Europe, and more. Plus...lots of back office stuff. For example, this week I've had a call with HQ to review advertising plans and rates, email about whether we should form more direct partnerships with other SQL sites (deferred), email how to best work with MS content producers to find a win-win, and more. I'd guess I'm spending about an hour a day on routine stuff, plus some driving time and etc just thinking on stuff when I'm not really working. I'm hoping that by Q2 I can decrease the daily time to about 30 minutes and spend a few good quality hours each weekend, but will have to see.

I have a trip scheduled to Seattle for the first week of March, so I decided to stay over an extra day and drive to the PASS HQ office in Vancouver. I wish I could stay longer, but hoping one good day will give me a better idea of the skills, challenges, and roles that our full time staff play, and try to get a few things done while I'm there as well.

Thoughts, comments, and questions are welcome, may take me a day or to reply depending on my work schedule.