PASS SQLRally Gaining Momentum

It’s been almost a year since we started work on the project that evolved into PASS SQLRally, with our inaugural event coming up May 11-13, 2011, in Orlando. It’s been amazing to watch it grow from informal code name ‘spring conference’ to something with a great name (and logo) that will fill a niche in the PASS event portfolio. For those you who haven’t heard about PASS SQLRally yet we designed it with some interesting goals in mind:

The schedule is set, now to get the word out. Let’s make sure anyone who uses SQL Server knows about PASS SQLRally and the value it offers.  No sales pitch needed, just a “hey, have you looked at PASS SQLRally?” will do. Send your colleagues an email, post a note on Twitter (#sqlrally), or maybe write something on your blog. Include a slide in your deck if you’re doing a presentation. Make sure the event info is posted on your chapter web site.  Let’s make sure that anyone who needs training knows about the opportunity.

See you in Orlando!