SQLSaturday Round-Up (Feb. 10-16)

(This is Round 12 of PASS's weekly round-up of SQLSaturday recaps. PASS community bloggers love their SQLSaturdays, and they love to tell everyone about their experiences, so who are we not to share that love?)

Last week, PASS SQLSaturday trekked its way up the Rockies and braved the altitude for SQLSaturday #66 in Colorado Springs.

From the looks of things, it wasn't just the thin air making people giddy - the event was held at Mr. Biggs Fun Center, complete with arcades, putt-putt, laser tag, and even a go-kart track. With so many fun distractions, it's amazing any learning got done, but got done it sure did!

(We're pretty sure Mr. Biggs Fun Center is not in this picture, but don't quote us on that - we've been wrong before.)

For those of you on Twitter, follow @sqlpass and make sure to check out the #sqlsat and #sqlsaturday hashtags to stay up to date. Besides attendance at free learning events, there are many speaking and sponsorship opportunities available.


+ Doug Lane attended SQLSaturday #66, Colorado Springs

+ Kelly Martinez attended SQLSaturday #66, Colorado Springs

+ Rebecca Mitchell helped organize SQLSaturday #66, Colorado Springs

+ Jeremiah Peschka presented at SQLSaturday #60, Cleveland (and forgot to post his resources in a timely manner... tsk tsk)

+ Chris Shaw helped organize SQLSaturday #66, Colorado Springs

+ Nancy Hidy Wilson helped plan SQLSaturday #57 (and provides recaps of all the recaps for your recap convenience)


There's talk of PASS SQLSaturday exploring borders beyond the North American continent. However, for now, it's still all happening between the Pacific and the Atlantic. You know, the smaller chunk between the two oceans, not the bigger chunk. Is that confusing? Probably. But we digress.

This coming Saturday, those of you in Phoenix get your chance to experience SQLSaturday #47. On Feb. 26, SQLSaturday #65 stops in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, for the Vancouver get-together - if you're heading that way, make sure to say hi to all the PASS HQ team members stopping by! And on Mar. 5, the City of Brotherly Love opens its arms wide for SQLSaturday #69, Philadelphia.


Event organizers at SQLSaturday #60, Cleveland, drew a substantial number of responses to their speaker evaluation forms by connecting completed entries with prize draws - presenters Aaron Bertrand, Grant Fritchey, and Tom LaRock all discuss their ratings from the event.

Finally, continuing from last week's prompt for more people to consider speaking at events like SQLSaturday, presenter Mike Walsh provides some tips on how to get started. And wouldn't you know it? He also presented in Cleveland! Not to be outdone, he, too, posted his feedback for all to see. Looks like Mike's willing to listen just as much as he's willing to teach - another key feature of a good speaker.

Want to attend or speak at a SQLSaturday? Check out the SQLSaturday website or "Upcoming In-Person Events" on the PASS Home page for upcoming dates near you.

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