SQLSaturday Round-Up (Jan. 13-19)

(This is Round 8 of PASS's weekly round-up of SQLSaturday recaps. PASS community bloggers love their SQLSaturdays, and they love to tell everyone about their experiences, so who are we not to share that love?)

We took a bit of a hiatus over the holidays. Why? Because PASS SQLSaturday took a hiatus over the holidays. But that doesn't mean there wasn't feverish planning afoot, the most obvious example being SQLSaturday #62, held in Tampa on Jan. 15. This was the first SQLSaturday of 2011, but hold onto your hats, folks, because there are many more to come!

For those of you on Twitter, follow @sqlpass and make sure to check out the #sqlsat and #sqlsaturday hashtags to stay up to date. Besides attendance at free learning events, there are many speaking and sponsorship opportunities available.


+ Jose Chinchilla helped plan and host SQLSaturday #62, Tampa

+ Pam Shaw helped plan and host SQLSaturday #62, Tampa

+ Bradley Ball presented at SQLSaturday #62, Tampa

+ Denny Cherry presented at SQLSaturday #62, Tampa

+ Ronald Dameron presented at SQLSaturday #62, Tampa (and he has some important tips for newbie presenters)

+ Mike Davis presented at SQLSaturday #62, Tampa

+ Devin Knight presented at SQLSaturday #62, Tampa

+ Tim Radney presented at SQLSaturday #62, Tampa

+ Jason Bacani attended SQLSaturday #62, Tampa

+ Andy Warren attended SQLSaturday #62, Tampa


It's a brand new year which deserves great news about a brand new venue. Sure enough, Karla Landrum is overjoyed to announce that there will (at last) be a SQLSaturday in Hawaii! SQLSaturday #72 will take place in Honolulu on April 1. And there was much rejoicing!

Also, Thomas LeBlanc reminds everyone that SQLSaturday #57 is coming up on Jan. 29 in Houston.


The PASS Board will be discussing its SQLSaturday strategies as part of the agenda at the January in-face Board meeting, including plans for how the event should branch into foreign (i.e. non-North American) markets.

And to end on a friendly note, Andy Warren would like to introduce Malathi Mahadevan, a new blogger but experienced SQLSaturday planner. Malathi will help head up her second event, SQLSaturday #45, coming up this weekend (Jan. 22) in Louisville. Hi, Malathi!

Want to attend a SQLSaturday? Check out the SQLSaturday website or "Upcoming In-Person Events" on the PASS Home page for upcoming dates near you.

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