SQLSaturday Round-Up (Dec. 16-22)

(This is Round 7 of PASS's weekly round-up of SQLSaturday recaps. PASS community bloggers love their SQLSaturdays, and they love to tell everyone about their experiences, so who are we not to share that love?)

After the conclusion of SQLSaturday #61 in Washington DC, held on Dec. 4, there are no more PASS SQLSaturdays until 2011. There's lots of news and helpful information in this post, though, so read on -- we'll go back to the future for one more week! (Why? Because that DeLorean is amazing. That's why.)

For those of you on Twitter, follow @sqlpass and make sure to check out the #sqlsat and #sqlsaturday hashtags to stay up to date. Besides attendance at free learning events, there are many speaking and sponsorship opportunities available.


Matt Velic attended SQLSaturday #61 in Washington DC (okay, this was in the past, but it's a great recap of the day's events)

Adam Jorgensen is the BI Iron Chef at SQLSaturday #62 in Tampa

Brian K. McDonald is speaking at SQLSaturday #62 in Tampa


Contrary to our post from last week, there are actually three SQLSaturdays in January and four SQLSaturdays in February. We forgot to mention that SQLSaturday #65 swings by near PASS HQ in Vancouver, Canada, on February 26. (Cheers to Gail Shaw for reminding us!)


SQLSaturdays can be stressful to host for many reasons. Karla Landrum provides some tips on reducing the stresses and costs of hosting these events. One way of putting a few extra dollars in your event's coffers is to have blog sponsorships -- as Noel McKinney explains, this is great for events and for bloggers.

And finally, with the holidays approaching quickly, a timely and relevant message from Kendal Van Dyke about how SQLSaturdays and other local SQL community events can help those less fortunate than we are. Definitely worth a read.

Want to attend a SQLSaturday? Check out the SQLSaturday website or "Upcoming In-Person Events" on the PASS Home page for upcoming dates near you.

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