Musings on Steve Jones' Presentation on Building your Brand

Hello everyone.

It was a very exciting morning for me today. I woke up, put on some great music, got in my car, and drove to work nice and early so I could make a big cup of coffee to get mentally prepared for the Charlotte SQL Server User Group Meeting. Steve Jones was presenting on building your brand.

I really enjoy when Peter Shire and his group have these great virtual lunch Chapter Meetings because they not only bring in fantastic speakers like Steve Jones of SQL Server Central, but they also pull together some great SQL Server community folk. It's always nice to hear familiar voices. I was even more excited about this meeting because Steve was presenting on social marking and blogging, something I use frequently here at PASS.

Before I came to PASS, social networking was simply something I started doing to keep in contact with people I had met traveling. It wasn't until I joined PASS that I realized how important it can be to any professional community. I remember Tjay Belt asking me at the Summit if I was on Twitter. I thought it sounded fun, so I joined. I was astonished to find that by the end of the Summit I had over 100 people following me. What a great way to get the word out about the PASS Community.

Steve's presentation was very valuable because he not only outlined how to use social networking tools to enhance professional resumes, but he also gave great tips of how to manage your image by not mixing personal and professional topics in similar social networking platforms.

All of this 'reputation management' speak got me thinking about the last time I googled myself because I hadn't in a while (I have a pretty unique name). It was quite interesting what I found on the first page:

1. Of course all of the Blog posts I have written here

2. My Facebook Page

3. My Facbook Page (different link, same page)

4. My Linkedin Page

5. A page listing me as running for the Students' Union long ago

6. My Twitter information listed on SQLserverpedia under PASS

7. Jeremiah Peschka's Blog Post about the PASS Chapter SIG

8. My placing for the 1997 Alberta Canada final kayaing time trials.

Steve also outlined why blogs can be a great way of chronicling your career as long as you are consistent in your posts. I have to agree with him there. There is no better way to learn than to teach. Great advice.

It was a pleasure to sit in on this meeting. If you're interested in building your modern resume or establishing an online brand, I suggest checking out Steve's Blog on the Modern Resume. It contains some great white marbles of social networking wisdom.

All the best!

Blythe Morrow

PASS Community Coordinator