Andy's Editorial: Bi-weekly update


One of things that we promised at the 2008 PASS Summit was that we would begin posting minutes of board meetings beginning this year. I’m pleased to announce that the minutes of the January 2009 meeting have been posted and I hope you’ll review them – it will give you a sense of the kind and amount of business we conduct as well as our current focus. We’re already reviewing the minutes for the February 2009 board meeting that was done via conference call, and those should be available by the next Connector.
We’re also launching a new segment in the Connector this week that will be highlighting books of interest to our profession.  Most will be technical, but occasionally we may add in a book about something that is just career focused. The intent is simple; show you a resource that might help you get your job done. We’re still looking at what our strategy should be on book reviews, and we would appreciate your input – do you rely on Amazon reviews or would you find value in a review written and posted here by a PASS member?
If you’ve been to the PASS Summit before you may have noticed our PASS Ambassadors; volunteers in red vests that roam the hallways to provide directions and help to those that need it. We’re going to expand the role of the Ambassadors this year to help promote real networking.  Putting everyone in a room with food is a start, but we want to do more, and we welcome some ideas. Have you been to an event that had a particularly effective networking strategy that would work for the less outgoing professional?  Do you want to meet people in your area, or in your area of interest, or maybe someone ‘famous’?

Also beginning this week editorials from the Connector will be cross posted to the PASS Blog, providing a way for you to comment and see other comments on editorial ideas. As always you can contact me at if you have a question or comment.