Lightning Talk Moderators Needed

In case you haven't heard, we're adding Lightning Talks to the PASS Community Summit this year. The idea of Lightning Talks is pretty simple:

So, in order to pull this off, we need three volunteers from the audience. All you have to do is work an egg timer. Whenever a speaker starts talking, you start the egg timer. When they're done, you cut them off, shoo them off the stage, and then introduce the next speaker. You can think of the job as being like an M.C. because that's what it is (parachute pants will not be provided by PASS). One bonus is that you'll get to hobnob with the speakers and/or embarrass when you introduce them. It's all good fun until someone falls off the stage!

If you'd like to volunteer to moderate one of these sessions, let me know. Send an email to There are only three sessions, supplies are limited. Act now!

Update: I want to thank everyone who got back in touch with me about this, and there were a lot of you. We have our moderators selected - Matt Velic, Lance Harra, and Noel McKinney will be emceeing our Lightning Talks.