2010 PASS Summit Pre-Con Preview - Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp

Today's post is from Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp, who will be presenting Database Best Practices for the Involuntary DBA - you can find more about their session here: http://sqlpass.eventpoint.com/topic/details/DBA282P.

Is there an audience that would benefit especially from this session?
This is a really interesting question! Although the title of the session says 'Involuntary DBA', that really means anyone who needs to know how to keep SQL Server running well - through configuration, maintenance, operations. We've had senior DBAs love this workshop for giving them a refresher on everything they should be considering too.

After having attended your seminar, what are two or three things that an attendee will be able to take back to the office and put to use right away?
Everything's going to be applicable straight away, but some of the most important things will be understanding how to configure database files (log and data), how to cope with index fragmentation, and why configuration changes make SQL Server behave one way or another.

What background should attendees ideally have to be fully prepared for your seminar?
Students should have some familiarity with SQL Server concepts (like what a backup or a transaction or an index is) and have used Management Studio.

What experience are you, as a speaker, bringing to this session?
Kimberly and I have more than 30 years combined experience working with SQL Server - from writing the actual SQL Server code itself to writing and delivering the top Microsoft Certified Master - SQL Server qualification training - plus training all levels from beginner to expert. We spend our entire year teaching, writing about, and consulting on SQL Server - it's our life! You can read some student comments from our workshops at Student comments from our class last week.