2010 PASS Summit Pre-Con Preview - Kalen Delaney

Today's post is from Kalen Delaney, who will be presenting Locking and Blocking and Versions, Oh My - you can find more about her session here: http://sqlpass.eventpoint.com/topic/details/DBA301P.

Is there an audience that would benefit especially from this session?
Understanding how SQL Server manages concurrent user access is crucial to database developers and DBAs. For a developer, failing to design an application with concurrency in mind, and failure to test an application with the maximum number of expected simultaneous users is one of the main causes of poor application performance. For a DBA, excessive blocking can be a major cause of poor overall system performance will a DBA may be called on to troubleshoot and "fix". Anyone who works with SQL Server and wants to get the most of the system and the applications will find value in understanding how SQL Server manages concurrency, how to troubleshoot concurrency problems, and how to alleviate the pain.

After having attended your seminar, what are two or three things that an attendee will be able to take back to the office and put to use right away?

  1. Through understanding of   why concurrency management is a crucial part of database and application tuning
  2. Solid familiarity with the details of both concurrency models: how SQL Server implements pessimistic concurrency with locking, how locking causes blocking, and when /why optimistic concurrency  can be a useful alternative
  3. Knowledge of the available tools for monitoring and troubleshooting concurrency problems: the metadata views and the Management Data Warehouse

What background should attendees ideally have to be fully prepared for your seminar?
This seminar does not require an expert background in SQL Server, but rather some experience with SQL Server Management Studio and TSQL queries, and an understanding of basic transactional work processing. The most important prerequisite is a desire to learn more about the way SQL Server works internally and how you can take advantage of the inner working to create the best performing system and applications possible.

What experience are you, as a speaker, bringing to this session?
I have been working with SQL Server for 23 years, as a technical support engineer, writer, trainer, curriculum developer and performance consultant.  I have watched the product grow from the first true client /server database system running on small departmental systems to the World Class data processing system it is today in SQL Server 2008.

You can register for the 2010 PASS Summit here: http://www.sqlpass.org/summit/na2010/Registration.aspx

See you in November!