PASS Community Energy

I have always thought that I enjoyed Summer the most. The sunshine, trips to the beach, lobsters stuffed with bacon, and long bike rides. But as I get older (and supposedly wiser) I am coming to realize that Fall may be the most enjoyable season. Perfect temperatures, things are still green, plenty of sunshine, football starts, the kids go back to school and of course the 24 Hours of PASS Summit Preview. What’s not to love about all of that?

We’ve done three 24 Hours of PASS events in the past thirteen months. While some may point to the great content as the number one takeaway that they get from the events, I would point to something else entirely.


Every time I attend a PASS Summit I come away energized. Even if I have been awake for 80 hours or more, when the PASS Summit is over I always feel energized. I feel as if I can take on any project or problem because I know that if I run into any roadblocks then I can quickly reconnect with my peers and ask for help.

And I get the same feeling after interacting with the community during the 24 Hours of PASS. Not only do I get the great content from 24 sessions (or 28, as was the case this time), but I get the opportunity to connect with people in each of those sessions. And those connections grow over time, I get to meet people in real life at the PASS Summit or a PASS SQL Saturday, we talk more and we find ways to help each other.

For me, that is what PASS is all about, the ability to help database professional get connected with one another. And I love being able to help make that happen.
See you at the Summit.

Thomas LaRock