Chalk Talk Speakers Selected

 Not that long ago (only two weeks), we asked speakers to submit abstracts for the Chalk Talk Theater. We've finalized the selections and I'd like to tell you about the process that we used and introduce the speakers who will be in the Chalk Talk Theater this year.

First, how did we go about getting the abstracts? We put out a call for speakers. We collected your entries. Once the call for speakers closed, we collected your submissions in a spreadsheet, read over them independently, and then compared our lists. There wasn't any specific criteria that we used, just finding abstracts that encouraged discussion. 
Here are the abstracts that were selected:
Chuck Heinzelman Speaking at PASS - How to Write an Abstract.
Meredith Ryan-Smith Energizing the Next Generation: Encouraging and Inspiring Young Women to Choose Tech Careers
Todd Robinson AppFabric Cache and SQL Server 2008
Todd McDermid Exploring Debugging Techniques
Kendra Little Agile Operations: What's Awesome, What's Awful, What to Do
Stuart Ainsworth XML in SQL Server 2008: An Introduction to XQuery
John Sterrett SQL Server 2008 for Developers