2010 PASS Summit Pre-Con Preview - Brian Knight

This morning's post is from Brian Knight, who will be presenting ETL with SSIS Bootcamp - you can find more about his session here: http://sqlpass.eventpoint.com/topic/details/BIA225P.

Is there an audience that would benefit especially from this session?
In the first hour of the presentation, we cover the basics of SSIS and then quickly jump into more hard core SSIS. If you’re a novice you’ll get a lot out of the session on building the best performing packages with lots of tips and tricks along the way that you won’t get elsewhere.

After having attended your seminar, what are two or three things that an attendee will be able to take back to the office and put to use right away?
The thing that excites me about this presentation is the surprise real world data (no, not AdventureWorks). We’re going to show how to performance tune SSIS, load a data warehouse and solve common business problems with SSIS, like data cleansing.

What background should attendees ideally have to be fully prepared for your seminar?
Even though we show a little about the SSIS basics, we drive into the meat of the presentation fast. So ideally, the attendee should know the basics of the various components in SSIS and what they can do.

What experience are you, as a speaker, bringing to this session?
I’ve been using SSIS since the early beta stages of SQL Server 2005 and DTS prior to that. I’ve implemented it across hundreds of customers and trained thousands of students on how to use it. I’ll bring real world insight to how you can scale and use SSIS.

You can register for the 2010 PASS Summit here: http://www.sqlpass.org/summit/na2010/Registration.aspx

See you in November!