Try Before You Buy

Surprisingly enough, the PASS Summit is less than three months away. Many of you are in the process of deciding whether to sign up for the pre/post conference sessions and, if so, which ones to sign up for. The Program Committee is encouraging the speakers from the pre/post con sessions to present ‘preview’ webcast sessions through the virtual chapters. These, as always, are free webcasts and would give PASS members a glimpse of what would be covered during the pre/post con sessions. We hope that all of the speakers take this opportunity, but we wanted to let you know what is lined up so far.

Adam Mechanic presented “Parallelism and Performance: Are You Getting Full Return on Your CPU Investment” for the Performance VC on 8/3. This session is available in the Presentation Archive on the Performance VC site:
Denny Cherry is going to be presenting a preview webcast for his “Storage and Virtualization for the DBA” session for the Performance VC on September 23rd at 12:00PST.
Adam Mechanic is tentatively scheduled to present a preview webcast for his “A Day of Doing Many Things at Once: Multitasking, Parallelism, and Process Distribution” session for the Application Development VC on September 28th.
Allen White is scheduled to present a session for the DBA VC in October.
We’ll be sure to post other preview sessions as they’re scheduled.
Another opportunity to see some of the pre/post-con speakers in action is the upcoming 24 Hours of PASS on September 15. Allen White, Kalen Delaney, Peter Myers, Brian Knight and Denny Cherry will all be participating. You can find more information and register here: