Summit forums - Volunteers Needed!

If forums are your game - then please send me your name!

We are actively searching for volunteers for the following:

1. Two (2) main moderators who assist the administrator on the Summit forums; they will also help “seed” boards by starting topics, asking questions, and engaging posters [estimated time about 15-30 minutes daily; avg = 2.5 hrs/week]
2. Two (2) “seeders” whose main job is to start topics and engage posters on a regular basis to keep conversation flowing on the Summit forums.[estimated time about 15 minutes daily; avg = 2 hrs/week]

This is a great way to get involved and gauge the pulse of the Summit. If you are interested, please send me an email at (submission deadline is July 30, 2010)

Thanks in advance!


Nancy Nasso, Community Coordinator

Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) Headquarters

Phone: 604.899.6269 I Fax: 604.899.1269 I Email: I