Deadline to submit your application for the Board is 12pm PST tomorrow! (PASS Elections)

Twitter's been buzzing (#passvotes) and the community's wondering: who's going to run for the Board this year?

Thanks to all of you who've submitted applications already. If you've been thinking about it but you're still not sure whether it's worth your while, it may help to read some of these blog posts from former and current Directors debating the pros and cons of serving on the Board. The likes of Andy Warren, Jeremiah Peschka, Pat Wright, and Thomas LaRock tell you why it is worth your while to run this year. And if you're a little lazy (like me) and you prefer snappy tidbits, some Board members have also been nice enough to share a few thoughts with us.

For more details on being a Director or the time line involved, please visit the PASS Elections website.

Don't forget, though -- deadline's in 24 hours!



Hannes Bezuidenhout
Governance -- PASS HQ