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SQLSaturday Round-Up (Nov. 25-Dec. 1)

(This is Round 4 of PASS's weekly round-up of SQLSaturday recaps. PASS community bloggers love their SQLSaturdays, and they love to tell everyone about their experiences, so who are we not to share that love?)

No PASS SQLSaturdays happened in the last week, but that doesn't mean we don't have things to talk about. This week, we decided to go back to the future instead!

Today's round-up features posts on SQLSaturday #61, happening in Washington DC on Dec. 4, and SQLSaturday #66 which will take place in Colorado Springs on Feb. 12, 2011.


+ Joel Cochran is presenting at SQLSaturday #61, Washington DC

+ Thomas LaRock is presenting at SQLSaturday #61, Washington DC

+ Karen Lopez is presenting at SQLSaturday #61, Washington DC

+ Jeremiah Peschka is presenting at SQLSaturday #61, Washington DC

+ Chris Shaw is helping organize SQLSaturday #66, Colorado Springs


PASS Director and SQLSaturday co-founder Andy Warren reviews his year on the Board and assesses the SQLSaturday transition.

Want to attend a SQLSaturday? Check out the SQLSaturday website or "Upcoming In-Person Events" on the PASS Home page for upcoming dates near you.

Want to put on your own SQLSaturday? Click here to get started.

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