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A Chapter Committee and a SQL tree!

Seasons' Greetings!

With the momentum of the SQL PASS Summit finally winding down, and all the reconciliations made, the folks here at PASS HQ are still working furiously to get everything ready for 2009. Over in the Community Department we realized there were quite a few people who were just too excited about the Chapter Progam not to be involved, so PASS HQ Community, under the direction of PASS Director Greg Low, really wanted the program to be lead and supported by SQL community leaders. We chose people who have intimate knowledge of the SQL Server community, making sure we had representation from all over the world.  

I'd like to just shout out to the following people who have come on board to share their SQL Community expertise. Thank you so much for volunteering your time!

Brad Mcgehee (Hawaii)
Peter Ward (Australia)
Adrian Engelbrecht (New Zealand)
Nathan Pitcher (New Zealand)
Rob Hawthorne (New Zealand)
Jeremiah Peschka (Midwest US)
Charley Hanania (Switzerland)
Andrew Karcher (Pacific Northwest US)
Ron Talmage (Pacific Northwest US)
Felix Quevedo (Honduras)
Troy Shuh
Joe Lax (East Coast US)
John Allman (Midwest US)
Pat Wright (Pacific Northwest)

Also, In the last couple months we set up a special committee that will work on expanding PASS into Asian markets under our newest Regional Mentor, Sujata Mehta. We are so excited to have these three on board, and really look forward to the great things they are going to do for the PASS organization. They are as follows:
Sujata Mehta
Malathi Mahadevan
Jacob Sebastian

And that is the Community update from PASS HQ. Happy holidays!!!

Blythe Morrow
Community Coordinator

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