Start a Group

If there is no Local Group within one hour’s driving distance of your location, you may want to start your own. This page details how you can do that.

No matter the particular group structure, Local Groups exist to enable education from subject matter experts, in-depth discussions, and continued engagement by assisting members along their career development paths.

Group Leaders are facilitators who must not only have a passion for the subject matter, but also have a fundamental desire to help others come together to share their passion for data. If you feel like this is you, and there is no Group in your local area, you could look at starting one.

How to Become a PASS Group

Before contacting PASS, please review Starting a PASS Group and PASS Local Group Program Benefits and Requirements. These documents detail the steps that you’ll need to carefully consider before starting your Group. In most cases, we request that you already have a venue secured for your meetings and that you are well on your way with booking speakers and general Group organization.

Contact the Community Team to learn about starting a Group or affiliating your existing Local Group with PASS.

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