SQLSaturday 10-Year Anniversary

As we approach the 10-year anniversary of SQLSaturday, the founders (Andy Warren, Brian Knight, and Steve Jones); early organizer, Pam Shaw; and veteran speaker, Kevin Boles, all reflected on those early days.

It's been an amazing, incredible 10 years. I appreciate and credit the contributions of so many volunteers in making the idea successful and I marvel at the personal impact it has had on so many. I hope we can do more still in the next 10 years!

- Andy Warren, SQLSaturday founder

The thing that's exciting to me is watching the number of new people to IT that have their first learning experience from a SQLSaturday. SQLSaturday inspires, connects, and educates those who didn't realize IT would be a future for them until that fun one-day event.

- Brian Knight, SQLSaturday founder

I remember chatting with Andy Warren and wondering if we would see 12 SQLSaturdays a year. Now Orlando gets ready for their 10th event and we’ve had over 100 a year.

- Steve Jones, SQLSaturday founder

SQLSaturday Orlando #1 was very special. Andy Warren sponsored speaker training to help speakers prepare for the big event. I attended the training, submitted a session and was selected. I thought I was in trouble five minutes into the session when Brian Knight called me out to the hall. There was a line of people who could not fit in the room. They asked me to present the session again at lunch. I felt like a rock star. At the after-event party, Andy asked if I would assist Wes Dumey with a Tampa edition - I jumped on the chance. What a wonderful opportunity.

- Pam Shaw
, frequent speaker and organizer

Having presented at around 100 SQLSaturdays going back to the early days, one of the things I have most enjoyed along the way is seeing lots of speakers progress from wide-eyed, first-time attendees to tentative first-time speakers, to accomplished veterans. I am proud to have encouraged and helped some make that journey.

- Kevin Boles, veteran SQLSaturday speaker 

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