How to Transition Smoothly from Brio

By Julie Hyman With Brio exiting the market, maybe you’re in a situation similar to thousands of data prep professionals: You need a new query and reporting platform, and you need it now. I think I can help. Join me for an informative webinar at the Business Analytics Marathon on...

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Profile of a Fellow Business Analytics Professional - Kelly Farmer, Sales Data Analyst

Tell us a little bit about your career path and what attracted you to data analysis. (You have a BA in Psychology – how did you make that leap?)
My first jobs out of college were in the psychology field, working with adolescents in residential treatment facilities. While my intention and purpose was to help kids, I became increasingly frustrated with the business decisions and political gamesmanship that so often seemed to interfere. From there, I followed a path of opportunities that presented themselves.

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"Think Data Insights" with Ken Raetz

Recently, ExcelTV interviewed Speaker and BI expert Ken Raetz on how to promote analytics internally within an organization. See what Ken had to say:

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Mark Ginnebaugh on the Data Lifecycle

Mark Ginnebaugh, CEO of DesignMind, provided ExcelTV with some great quotes on the data lifestyle, at this year’s PASS Business Analytics Conference.  Make sure to watch his interview to see what his thoughts are on data and more.

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Dan Fylstra: History of Visicalc

Data pioneer and Frontline Systems founder Dan Fylstra was not only a speaker at this year’s PASS Business Analytics Conference, he also provided some information on the history of Visicalc, the first spreadsheet software in the world, to ExcelTV. 

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Speaker Meet & Greets

Keynote speakers Carlo Ratti and Mico Yuk, alongside other conference speakers such as Daniel Fylstra, Miguel Martinez, interacted with delegates and fielded questions on their areas of expertise. The Meet & Greets were an extension of the opportunity to network face-to-face with speakers - once-in-a-lifetime chances to talk to some of the world’s foremost leaders in business intelligence and analytics.  

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