PASS Director-at-Large Profile: Wendy Pastrick

With the upcoming PASS Board applications process taking place from August 16-25th, we asked Wendy Pastrick to share some of the highlights from her time as a PASS Director-at-Large. For more information on the “Why Run” campaign and the PASS Board applications process, visit the PASS Board Applications page.

  1. How did you first become involved with the PASS community?
    At my first PASS Summit in 2004, I met Bill Graziano and Denise McInerney. They were both so involved, it was easy to lend a hand and spread excitement about PASS.  I’d also worked as a PASS Ambassador for a few years running at PASS Summit until stepping up to help run the first official Women In Tech Virtual Group for PASS. I definitely recommend volunteering for anyone who wants to get more involved in the community. If you want to connect, PASS Board members can often be found in the Community Zone at PASS Summit, come and introduce yourself.

  2. How would you describe your role as Director-at-Large?
    I've served 2 full and 1 partial terms so far. Being involved with User Groups, Virtual Groups and now Educational Content portfolio, my time as a Director-at-Large was mostly spent trying to make sure the structures and processes put into place could scale for size and globalization, while maintaining the integrity of our Community routes. Working for PASS is challenging, but also very rewarding. There are big issues to tackle and working alongside my peers and the members of HQ has taught me valuable things about working in teams to accomplish big goals.

  3. What have been some of your most memorable experiences as Director-at-Large?
    Meeting all the great volunteers for PASS from all over the globe! Whether it's a SQL Saturday event, at PASS Summit, or a local User Group meeting, having an opportunity to meet people who are thankful that I'm working on the Board, representing them, is just humbling.

  4. What have been some of your biggest challenges as Director-at-Large? My first year on the PASS Board, I set forth an initial set of goals that was a bit too lofty. On the surface, it seems easy to see where improvements can or need to be made, but keeping in mind that there are only so many resources to go around, you have to pick and choose what is most important for the organization.

  5. How has being a Director-at-Large changed or benefited you?
    Being a Director has expanded my view of the world. PASS is truly a global organization and challenging myself to think globally at every turn has been a learning experience.  As a small example, I’ve become very aware of the importance of providing live content for all time zones. This might seem simple, but it has involved many people and processes to make this possible. I also feel more empowered, to be a contributing member of every team I work on, especially as a woman in tech supporting the goals of PASS. This feeling of empowerment carries far beyond the PASS Board into the other aspects of my life.

  6. Can you share your thoughts on the characteristics required to become a successful member of the PASS Board?
    I believe that anyone with a passion for community and education can be a successful member of the Board; that is, after all, at the heart of what PASS is all about! Having the ability to share your ideas in a way that can be easily understood and aligned to bigger picture goals, and being able to inspire others to lead are key traits for success. Most importantly though, time management, because at the end of the day (and week) we all have day jobs, families, hobbies, and other things that make up our lives.

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