The Voice of PASS Summit Retires – a Farewell to Al Shuler

One of our long-standing members of PASS HQ, Al Shuler, has decided to take the next big step in his life and shift his focus from work to family. You may know him as the voice of the PASS Summit Expo Hall with his booming voice over the loud speaker. 

In 2007, Al joined the team with a focus on raising funds for our community through sponsorship opportunities in the PASS Summit Expo Hall. He was responsible for all fundraising efforts until 2014 when the Global Alliance Partner program started -he became a large contributor to its success. Throughout his 10 years of service, he was an integral part of bringing new opportunities to vendors through sponsorship programs such as PASS to Prizes and the popular Comfort Zone. 

“Without Al, the PASS Summit Expo Hall would not have run as smoothly or efficiently as it has for the last 10 years. In my opinion, he has been a key contributor to the success of Summit and will be sorely missed. Enjoy your retirement!” says Nick Harshbarger, VP of Sales and Marketing, SentryOne.

He was heavily involved in developing and introducing the Virtual Group and WIT Luncheon Sponsorships, as well as launching the Web advertising program. A true team player, loyal and dedicated to the mission of our organization, the following Q&A provides some insightful highlights. 

1. What was your fondest memory of being part of PASS?
I have been blessed with so many wonderful memories over the years, it would be very difficult to identify only one. However, meeting the HQ team in person for the first time, after having worked so long and hard with them for many months that first year, sticks with me for sure. And, that feeling and excitement continued each year, when I walked into HQ for that first day onsite at Summit.

2. Over the years, you developed strong relationships with partners, what were some of your biggest takeaways?
Developing and working with the partners have been a tremendous experience. Partners are critical as a resource from several perspectives and it has been very rewarding for me to serve them. We listen to their needs and then guide them to, or even build the opportunities that can help them achieve their goals by partnering with us. Have conversations, be honest, seek feedback, provide value, and keep in touch. It takes time, but it is worth it because we have established some valuable partners.

3. Did you ever have any misconceptions about the PASS community?
Data “geeks” are Awesome!! I remember before I got to Summit for the first time, that it was probably going to be a boring experience. Wow, was I wrong!!! I have never been engaged with so many intelligent, creative, friendly, fun-loving, and once in a while, even a bit “wild” folks at an event. Certainly, it blew up my stereotype of IT folks and saying goodbye to all the wonderful members and partners I have met and the team I worked with is the hardest part. 

4. What was your proudest moment working here?
It would have to be knowing that I played a small part in the development, growth, and success of PASS sponsorships and the tradeshows. I always tell everyone that I am just one spoke in the big wheel, but I always tried to make the wheel roll just a bit better.  

5. As you reflect on a decade of contribution at PASS, what are you most grateful for?
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this outstanding organization and to have worked for and with, the most dedicated, loyal, intelligent, honorable, creative, and fun group of people, any organization or company could wish for. The leadership and team give me great confidence for a very positive and successful future, and it is going to be exciting to see the new developments, direction, and success of PASS. 

With all his hard work, contributions, and accomplishments, Al has been a role model for all of us and a significant part of the success at PASS over the last decade. We will miss him and wish him nothing but the very best in his new journey. 

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