24 Hours of PASS Spring 2017 Edition: Data Security and Data Quality

The most recent 24 Hours of PASS Spring 2017 Edition: Data Security and Data Quality held on May 3 and 4, brought another exciting 24 hours of free training to the community thanks to our generous sponsors, Microsoft and Redgate

Some interesting stats
The top 3 professions were DBAs, consultants, and students
Attendees from almost every single American state attended
45 countries attended
Our top 3 locations in the world were Chicago, Illinois, Denver, Colorado, and London, UK
Three individuals stayed up for more than 20 hours 
The total amount of training hours watched were well over 2,000 hours (almost 96 days!) 

In the 24 Hours of PASS feedback survey, attendees mentioned receiving even more educational value than expected, finding the in-depth demos excellent, especially when they covered useful examples that could be used for their own projects. 

If you missed this edition or would like to re-listen to any of the webinars, all the recordings are now available in our Learning Center. Once again, thank you to all our speakers and moderators for creating another insightful 24HOP event.

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