SentryOne Case Study: A Community Oriented Partnership

The Mission at PASS
PASS empowers data professionals who leverage Microsoft technologies to connect, share, and learn through networking, knowledge sharing, and peer-based learning. 

Overview of Global Alliance Partner, SentryOne
Based just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, SentryOne’s mission is to enable Microsoft data professionals to monitor, diagnose, and optimize performance across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. 

“As a small, fast growing company, we were honored to be asked to participate in the PASS Global Alliance program. The GAP program has allowed us to increase our support of PASS programs by being able to coordinate our sponsorships as a cohesive, year-long effort,” says Nick Harshbarger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. 

The partnership with PASS not only strengthens SentryOne’s brand through increased exposure, but also supports strategic objectives such as product development, marketing, and recruiting.

Product Development
Developing innovative products and features is paramount to SentryOne’s success, with innovation, quality, and agility as guiding principles for the organization. Through networking and presenting at PASS events during the year, SentryOne has gathered beneficial insights from engaged data professionals, enabling the product and marketing teams to make improvements based on real user feedback. 

PASS events are opportunities for leading companies like SentryOne to leverage educational offerings and in turn, engage with current and prospective customers. PASS is also able to provide access to a list of users who have opted in to be part of thought leadership discussions and surveys, providing yet another avenue to gather valuable insights.

Product Adoption

Having direct access to such a large user base throughout their product development stages has enabled SentryOne to build products and features requested by the market. Over the last five years, the results have translated into a consistent, positive ROI achieved in less than six months from their investment at PASS Summit. 

“Since our first PASS Summit in 2004, SentryOne has been proud to be actively involved in the education and support of the SQL Server community through the events and activities provided by PASS. The interaction with the user base has been very fruitful, which is great brand exposure for us,” mentions Harshbarger.

Sponsorship at PASS Summit has always been a key event in the introduction of new products and features for SentryOne, going back to the launch of SQL Sentry v2.0 in 2005. Having a strategic approach to their partnership with PASS, SentryOne has continued to have valuable, ongoing conversations with the data community, benefitting their product teams in the planning, development, and launches of new products and features.

SentryOne is focused on providing a diverse workplace which is supported by their involvement in Women in Technology (WIT) events at PASS Summit, and the WIT Virtual Group. The exposure and participation from these events help SentryOne position themselves as an employer of choice amongst a diverse network of professionals.

“We have a fantastic PASS community where we continually learn from one another. One of SentryOne's objectives is to improve the quality of life for data professionals. I'm really proud of the extent to which SentryOne supports the PASS community, including user groups like the Charlotte BI Group, virtual groups like WIT, SQLSaturdays, and other events,” comments Melissa Coates, Business Intelligence Architect, SentryOne, and Microsoft Data Platform MVP. 

Being a PASS partner offers the opportunity to target audiences by language, industry, and technology segments, enabling partners to focus their sales and marketing efforts by reaching specific global audiences aligned with their organizational goals.

Final Summary
A partnership with PASS means having a deep connection to a member base of over 250,000 technical data professionals across the globe. It opens doors for companies, like SentryOne, to connect with this strong and engaged community—for future hires, current customers, or prospects. This community partnership has been a proven success for SentryOne in the database field. View our media kit today to see how your company could become the next success story. 

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