HQ Team Feature: Anika Poliseno

  1. When did you join HQ and what are the main responsibilities of your role as Senior Manager, Events and Registration? 
    I joined on November 2010 and my role is highly focused on PASS Summit with the main part being the oversight of all event operations. The Events Team and I coordinate every single piece of the puzzle (there are a lot of pieces!) from dealing with multiple suppliers to liaising with all the different departments at PASS HQ. Some of you may not know this but as soon as Summit ends, the Events Team is already working on the following year’s Summit. We work on Summit approximately five years out. Crazy, I know! A random fun fact is that each year, you can find me wearing very bright and colorful running shoes; it’s my own little tradition to get new shoes each Summit – clocking in approximately 20,000 steps daily, you definitely want comfort and support and who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes?! :)

  2. What do you like to do outside of work? 
    I absolutely love anything to do with food (e.g. eating, cooking, dining out, creating new cocktails), then working out at the gym, especially CrossFit, and boxing more recently. I also enjoy hiking, camping, and definitely travelling. I’m at my happiest when I’m out of the city, camping in the middle of nowhere without cell phone reception, or relaxing on the beach with a good book on a remote tropical island. 

  3. Tell us something most people don’t know about you. 
    I’m the most disorganized person you’ll ever meet! Yes, you read that right. I can manage large conferences but can’t organize for myself! I lose my keys at least once a month as well as my debit card. I’m on my 43rd copy, which means that I’ve lost my debit card over FOURTY times in my life! And for someone who travels fairly often, I’m the worst packer ever. I’ve tried every trick in the book and I still end up staying up to the wee hours of the morning trying to figure out what I “need” in my suitcase! If you have any suggestions on how to be an efficient and quick packer, please share!   

  4. What is your favorite travel destination? 
    That’s a tough question! I guess it would depend on several factors but Cambodia is on the top of my list because of the chill, laid-back vibes. While on Koh Rong island, I spent five days without shoes; it was so freeing! The food surprised me in a good way! Next stop: Tokyo, Japan and I can’t wait! If you have any travel destination recommendations, please share them in a comment below. I’m always looking for hidden gems!   

  5. What’s a recent film or book you’ve enjoyed?
    The book, Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts is great for beach/travel reading. It’s been following me for two years now. To be fair, it’s a big book, 936 pages to be exact. One of the things that I like the most about it is that it’s about helping people in need and it takes place in India, one of my bucket list travel destinations. 

    I’m a bit of a movie buff and might have a slight addiction to certain TV series such as Homeland. My top movies as of late would be Hidden Figures, Eddie the Eagle, The Walk, and if you’re in the mood to watch a beautiful and freeing movie, Captain Fantastic. It’s definitely a tearjerker! 

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