PASS Member Engagement Campaign

Today marks the kick-off of the PASS Member Engagement Campaign, an initiative to support Local Group Leaders to connect with existing members and encourage prospective members to join PASS. 

Through this initiative, we will be supporting Local Group Leaders to engage with existing members, as well as encourage new members to join Local Groups. Our aim is to increase awareness of PASS as an organization, as well as the associated learning and networking opportunities available to members. In particular, we are looking to target individuals who might already be attending events, or on mailing lists but have not officially registered as PASS members.

This campaign kicks off today, March 1, and will run for a duration of three months, concluding May 31. We will establish a baseline membership figure for each Local Group, and measure the increase in members at the end of the three months, to determine the “winning” Local Groups.

To add an extra incentive to participate in this campaign, PASS will be offering eight Visa gift cards (valued at $125.00 USD each) to the Local Groups who bring in the most new PASS members, in the following categories:

  • USA/Canada – Small Group
  • USA/Canada – Large Group
  • EMEA – Small Group
  • EMEA – Large Group
  • LATAM – Small Group
  • LATAM – Large Group
  • APAC – Small Group
  • APAC – Large Group

*Note: Small Groups = 250 members or less, Large Groups = 250+ members

We will keep you updated with the Local Groups’ progress over the next couple months, as we connect with PASS community members across the globe!

For questions related to the PASS Member Engagement Campaign, please contact

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