Celebrating SQLSaturday

What a year 2016 has been for SQLSaturdays! By December 31, there will have been a total of 103 SQLSaturdays worldwide: 51 in Canada/US, 33 in Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), 10 in Asia Pacific (APAC), and nine in Latin America (LATAM).  

SQLSaturdays found their way to five new countries: Bangladesh, Belgium, Iceland, Czech Republic, and Singapore, as well as five new cities: Dnipro (Ukraine), Edmonton (Canada), Krakow (Poland), Plovdiv (Ukraine), and San Antonio (Texas, US).  

We celebrated the 10-year anniversary of SQLSaturdays in Orlando, and not without drama! The event was originally planned for October 8, but had to be postponed when Hurricane Matthew hit Florida. Thanks to the hard work and support from all the organizers, volunteers, speakers, and sponsors, the event was moved to November 12 and was very successful. 

The most popular date in 2016 was June 18, with events in all regions! Five SQLSaturdays were held on this day: Dublin and Iceland in EMEA, South Florida in Canada/US, Sri Lanka in APAC and Rio de Janeiro in LATAM. 

SQLSaturday #500 Boston was held in March 2016, and if that wasn't a big enough number, SQLSaturday #600 Chicago is coming up in March 2017! There are over 30 live events in 2017 already, and even more being planned at this moment. 

We want to say a huge thank you to all the organizers and volunteers who have worked countless hours to provide free training for their local communities, the sponsors who make these events possible, the speakers who spend their own time and money to share their knowledge, and the attendees who make SQLSaturdays so much fun! 

Do you think we can get to SQLSaturday #700 by the end of 2017? Let’s find out! 

Need a new year’s resolution? Why not challenge yourself to take a step up and help make the SQLSaturday community even better in 2017? Attend a SQLSaturday in a new city, volunteer to help out, create a session and become a speaker, or maybe even organize a SQLSaturday in your own city or country!

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