PASS Director-at-Large Profile: Tim Ford

Tim Ford shared his insights and experiences as a PASS Director-at-Large, just in time for the Board applications opening on August 16. To find out more about the “Why Run” campaign and how to apply visit the PASS Board Applications page. How did you first become involved...

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A Lazy Data Scientist’s Toolkit

By Mark Wilcock In 2006, I was thrown a difficult analytics task. My failure to make inroads into it haunts me and influences the choice of tools I use for analyzing and visualizing data even today.  I was working for an investment bank in the risk management department. The bank had...

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24HOP Speaker Feature: Kendra Little

Kendra Little loves teaching data professionals how to build powerful indexes using advanced techniques in SQL Server and she’s excited to share these with you at PASS Summit in October! In the meantime, join Kendra at her upcoming 24HOP session on July 19, Why Did My Clever Index Change...

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PASS Director-at-Large Profile: Wendy Pastrick

With the upcoming PASS Board applications process taking place from August 16-25th, we asked Wendy Pastrick to share some of the highlights from her time as a PASS Director-at-Large. For more information on the “Why Run” campaign and the PASS Board applications process, visit the...

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Getting started with Integrated Python and SQL Server 2017

By: Ginger Grant

As part of the effort Microsoft is making at incorporating analytics, Python is being added into SQL Server 2017.   This means SQL Server will support the two primary languages of Data Science within SQL Server R and Python.  As I have previously reviewed using R in SQL Server, I...

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What I Love About the Stack Overflow Database

By: Brent Ozar

Brent Ozar keeps finding new reasons to love the Stack Overflow public database and he’s excited to share these with you at PASS Summit in October! In the meantime, join Brent at his upcoming 24HOP session on July 19, Last Season’s Performance Tuning Techniques. I’ve...

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Change of Date for PASS Business Analytics Day San Diego – October 3, 2017

Scheduling an event in the summertime can be challenging, especially when everyone wants to be out enjoying the sun! We’ve received requests from our local folks in San Diego that want to attend PASS Business Analytics Day, but can’t make it in August – so we’ve...

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Share Your PASS Summit Experience in FIVE words

As we countdown to PASS Summit (who isn’t?!), we want to hear from any past attendees or first-timers planning to attend this year, to share their experiences. However, this is going to be a challenge because we want to hear about your experiences in FIVE words. To make it fun, we’re...

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5 Powerful Ways to Visualize Your Data’s Story

By: Anne Legg, Founder of THRIVE TM Strategic Services

Data is all around us. Some is big and some small, regardless the size, the biggest challenge is not necessarily analyzing it, but sharing our findings. With 65% of the population identified as visual learners, it makes sense to display the data’s findings or story in a visual way. The...

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