5 Powerful Ways to Visualize Your Data’s Story

By: Anne Legg

Anne Legg, Founder of THRIVE TM Strategic Services share powerful ways to share your data story visually. Meet Anne and attend her session “Telling Compelling Stories Using Data to Achieve Business Goals” at BA Day San Diego on August 1, 2017.  Data is all around us. Some is...

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Meet Ed and Damu, BA Day Atlanta Volunteers

BA Day Atlanta has been made possible with the support and local advice of long-time PASS members and volunteers, Ed Watson and Damu Venkatesan. Read more about Ed and Damu’s data journey and meet them at BA Day Atlanta on June 21, 2017. To learn how to become a BA Day volunteer, contact...

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A Lazy Data Scientist’s Toolkit

By Mark WIlcock In 2006, I was thrown a difficult analytics task. My failure to make inroads into it haunts me and influences the choice of tools I use for analyzing and visualizing data even today.  I was working for an investment bank in the risk management department. The bank had...

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PASS Member Engagement Campaign: Final Results

After three months, the PASS Member Engagement Campaign wrapped up today and resulted in a total of 9,615 new PASS Local Group members across the globe (an 8.9% increase overall)! This campaign was an initiative to support Local Group Leaders to connect with existing members and encourage...

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How to Transition Smoothly from Brio

By Julie Hyman With Brio exiting the market, maybe you’re in a situation similar to thousands of data prep professionals: You need a new query and reporting platform, and you need it now. I think I can help. Join me for an informative webinar at the Business Analytics Marathon on...

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PASS Summit 2017 Merchandise Now Available

Are you already planning for PASS Summit? Would you like to add to your Summit t-shirt collection? Then, we’ve got good news! Our online PASS Store has the latest 2017 gear with our new branding available like polos, hoodies, backpacks, and much more.  If you plan on being...

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The Voice of PASS Summit Retires – a Farewell to Al Shuler

One of our long-standing members of PASS HQ, Al Shuler, has decided to take the next big step in his life and shift his focus from work to family. You may know him as the voice of the PASS Summit Expo Hall with his booming voice over the loud speaker.  In 2007, Al joined the team with a...

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24 Hours of PASS Spring 2017 Edition: Data Security and Data Quality

The most recent 24 Hours of PASS Spring 2017 Edition: Data Security and Data Quality held on May 3 and 4, brought another exciting 24 hours of free training to the community thanks to our generous sponsors, Microsoft and Redgate.  Some interesting stats • The top 3 professions...

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Riding the Wild Waves of Analytics Industry Change

What are the seven seas of analytics? Jen Underwood, Founder, Impact Analytix, covers future trends in analytics in this in-depth article. Meet Jen and attend her session "Data Science with Excel, Open Source R, and Python for Data Analysts" at BA Day Atlanta on June 21, 2017.  Riding the...

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