XML in My Database! Implementation on a Live e-Store Using SQL Server


Presenter: Denise McInerney


Session Details


The introduction of the native XML data type in SQL Server opened up many possibilities for how we manage the data in our databases. It also struck terror in the hearts of some DBAs. When does it make sense to store data as XML in a SQL Server database? What are the potential problems in doing so? This session will analyze the real-life example of a project that was successfully implemented using the XML data type as the foundation of the database design. This project was executed on a database that was already in production and had millions of users whose data needed to be preserved. 

The session will examine the database design and explore details of the implementation, including XML schema validation and utilization of XML data type methods. It will explain how collaboration between the DBA and application developers was crucial to the project's success. The complex process of converting millions of relational rows into XML documents will be reviewed. Finally, the session will describe how the inclusion of XML actually reduced the size and improved the performance and maintenance of a busy production database.


About the Speaker


Denise McInerney began working as a SQL Server DBA in 1998. Denise's focus is on design and performance tuning of OLTP databases that support web-based applications. She is currently employed as a Staff Database Administrator at Intuit where she designs, tunes and manages databases that support one of the company‚Äôs eCommerce web sites. 

Denise has been an active PASS volunteer since 2003. She served on the Program Committee for four years, including one year as Program Committee Manager. She has been an organizer of the PASS Women in Technology luncheon and Panel Discussion since 2004 and founded the WIT Virtual Chapter. Denise was the recipient of the PASSion Award in 2007.


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