SQL Server Essentials: New to SQL Server?  Here is Where you Start


Presenter: Lilly Schmidbauer


Session Details


In this session, we will start by covering a general knowledge and overview of SQL Server Architecture, enough to understand why and what to do next.  You will gain knowledge of the SQL Server native tools to manage your databases. We will engage in hands-on experience by mimicking real case scenarios based on my experience teaching IT professionals to cope with and learn how to manage their SQL Server databases.  You will understand the difference and purpose of system databases and user databases.  At the end of this session, you will be familiar with terminology and the usage of SQL Server and its components: backups, settings, database maintenance such as Integrity checks, index fragmentation levels, statistics and how to improve performance with database maintenance, and utilizing tools that are available for free.  However, most importantly, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and you will be prepared for your next step.


About the Speaker


Lilly Schmidbauer is a Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP) with over ten years’ database administration experience specializing in SQL Server Internals and Architecture. Overall, she has over fourteen years of IT experience that includes business intelligence tools such as MS Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal Reports and Hyperion (Brio) for complex reports and dashboards.  For the past four years, she has been the SQL Server subject matter expert for her present company, Environmental Systems Corporation.  She also serves as an IT Consultant for internal and external customers.  Furthermore, she delivers SQL Server & Reporting Services customized instructor lead training for customers at client sites and user conferences.


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