Quick Fixes to Common Workplace Wardrobe Malfunctions


Presenter: Andie Letourneau


Session Details


As you leave the server room, you rip your pants on the server rack’s sharp metal edge or the button pops off your shirt just as you return from lunch break. These little wardrobe malfunctions can be frustrating any time, but can be embarrassing if you have to show up at a meeting looking like that. Learn quick fixes to common wardrobe issues and walk away with a list of items for your wardrobe emergency kit so you’ll be ready to quickly repair almost any clothing item.  


About the Speaker


By day, Andie Letourneau works in the Voyager Software Technical Support Department for Fiserv fielding database-related support issues.  She has worked with SQL Server since the days of SQL Server 6.5. Outside of work, she spends her free time sewing and presenting on Sewing and Costuming at Science Fiction and Anime conventions.  She also has a great appreciation for dark chocolate, French wine and port.




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