Multidimensional Thinking


Presenter: Stacia Misner


Session Details


Whether you're developing Analysis Services cubes or creating PowerPivot workbooks, you need to get into a multidimensional frame of mind to produce a model that best enables users to answer their business questions on their own. Many database professionals struggle initially with multidimensional models because the data modeling process is much different than the one they use to produce traditional, third normal form databases. In this session, I'll introduce you to the terminology of multidimensional modeling and step through the process of translating business requirements into a viable model.


About the Speaker


Stacia Misner is a consultant, educator, mentor, and author specializing in Business Intelligence solutions since 1999. With more than 25 years of experience in IT she is the author or co-author of eight books about BI. Her most recent books include Building Integrated Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2008 R@ and Office 2010 and Introducing SQL Server 2008 R2. Stacia provides consulting and custom education services through Data Inspirations and writes about her experiences with BI at, as well as tweets @StaciaMisner.




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