Introduction to Microsoft Master Data Services with Tips “From the Trenches” 


Presenter: Ilona Shulman


Session Details


With SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft released a new offering: Microsoft Master Data Services (MDS). This session will provide an overview of master data management as a concept and MDS major pre-requisites, architecture, features, usage scenarios, and products from other vendors (Profisee, etc) that can complement MDS in order  to deliver a full-featured solution. The intent of the session is to get you started with MDS implementations and help you determine how MDS can help your organization in data management. 


About the Speaker


Ilona Shulman, MCTS, MBA has over 12 years’ experience in system development, database administration, Business Intelligence (BI), and data management on different platforms, with primary interest in Microsoft technologies. She is a BI Architect for USBank and a speaker for Microsoft events in the Midwest area. 



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