How Dell helps SQL Server Database Scale with FlexMem Bridge


Presenter: Jisha J

Session Details


Does your database server mandate you to add more processors in order to utilize the memory banks associated with the respective processor? Is your database memory intensive, requiring to cache more data? Have you ever been forced to change your database licensing scheme to add more memory to the database? Dell has come up with a technology named “FlexMem Bridge” to solve these problems. The FlexMem bridge technology allows flexible and need-based internal scalability of server memory on four-processor capable, but two-processor populated, systems. This session will explore how FlexMem bridge would help SQL Server internally scale up the memory.  This session would also illustrate on how the FlexMem would help reduce 50% of the licensing cost for SQL Server database configurations. 


About the Speaker


Jisha is a systems engineer working with the Dell Database Solutions group. She holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering and is one of the lead engineers concentrating on designing high performing database solutions. In her role, she is responsible for the configuration and performance characterization of SQL Server with latest Dell hardware technologies. Her areas of expertise include performance characterization of enterprise servers and storages, infrastructure sizing, as well as deployment and performance tuning of database configurations. 


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