Get the Most out of SQL Server Standard Edition


Presenter: Diane Robey

Session Details


How can you get the most out of SQL Server Standard Edition? The SQL Server Enterprise Edition (EE) is far more expensive than the Standard Edition (SE). What features do you really need in for your database system?

Microsoft provides the Developer Edition (DE) with all of the EE features, so a developed product may not work on SE. Many features that are only available in EE, such as partitioning and data compression, are specific to managing larger databases. If you do not have very large databases, perhaps SE will be sufficient. Attend this session and find out what actually improves performance for SE.


About the Speaker


Diane Robey is a Database Administrator for Economic Research Institute in Redmond, WA and has been in IT since 1984. She became familiar with the SQL language using Informix, and then Oracle as a Certified Oracle DBA. Diane has developed data models and databases for several web sites and now specializes in SQL Server, primarily as a DBA.



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