Data Visualization: Euclid's Royal Road to the Numbers?


Presenter: Jen Stirrup

Session Details


If you work with SQL Server at all, you need to know Transact-SQL, the SQL Server programming language. During this session, we'll design and create our own table to demonstrate key concepts, query syntax, and more. If you've been meaning to learn T-SQL, here's your chance!


About the Speaker


How is it possible to make sense of data, given that business and customer data is expanding so rapidly in terms of volume and complexity? Data Visualization allows business users to explore and visualize data so that it can be used to answer important questions about the enterprise. And what's more: data visualizations can be beautiful as well as informative! Using technical demonstrations in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, this presentation will focus on the practical implementation of data visualization, along with cognitive science principles supporting data visualizations.

This presentation may challenge long-held assumptions regarding the ways in which data should be represented in order to make it easier to understand; thereby providing business users with Euclid's 'Royal Road' to understanding the numbers. It can lead to new considerations concerning how you represent your own data. Please join us and learn how to apply data visualization principles to your own data!




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