Dashboards Design and Practice using SSRS


Presenter: Jen Stirrup


Session Details


How is it possible to create dashboards that are in line with data visualisation principles? Using SSRS, dashboard design, function and creation will be explored in this session. In order to underline the data 'stories' of the overall message, we will look at ways of designing the internal dashboard elements that are in line with current data visualisation practices, whilst maintaining overall consistency between the dashboard elements.

The dashboard design theory is translated into practical demonstrations using SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2.



About the Speaker


Jen Stirrup has been delivering end-to-end Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence solutions for over a decade. Jen has previously presented at SQLBits in the UK, and also helps to run the UK Tableau User Group. Whilst Jennifer has played a key role in delivering projects with a technical focus, she has strived to ensure business users are heard by finding the best solution for the business problem. Jennifer enjoys digging around data to find answers, and sharing the (sometimes surprising) business answers with others via reports, data visualizations, and dashboards. Jen also actively blogs, and was delighted to be nominated for a SQLServerPedia “Best Blogger of the Year” award for the “Business Intelligence” stream in 2010.




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