Completion and Migration of a SQL 2003 Database and ASP .NET 1.1 Web Application Using Software Engineering Practices


Presenter: Rae J. Nims


Session Details


This paper and presentation will describe the use of software engineering practices to a partially implemented database and web page application. The completion of a database and web page application is about more than just development, test and deployment.  Out-of-scope challenges can be encountered which impact  the underlying computer systems’ infrastructure as well as the user base when company-wide security measures are implemented without advance warning.   Changes to a COTS tool that was interfaced also impacts the effort.  Good software engineering practices are used to educate the stakeholders, deal with the out-of-scope changes and rearrange the project schedule to bring the application into production successfully.   Technologies used are SQL 2003 SQL 2003; ASP .Net 1.1, SQL 2005; ASP .NET 2.0; MS Reporting Services 2005, and MS Access 2007.  The methodologies used as well as lessons learned, will be discussed in what was a successful project. 


About the Speaker


Rae J. Nims currently is employed at the Idaho National Laboratory as an Export Compliance Analyst and Software Expert. Rae joined the INL in 1998 as a Staff Engineer. She has over 14 years’ experience including a wide range of experience in full lifecycle development for both hardware and software systems. She has experience in various aspects of project management, formal review processes, quality assurance activities, customer interface and mentoring student interns. She has previously supported multiple projects in a variety of roles.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Lake Superior State University, Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Idaho, and Certification in Computer Forensics.  Rae is also adjunct faculty for the University of Idaho at University Place.




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