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Data as an instrument driving strategy and change

Presenter: Tamara McKinney


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Data professionals frequently seem not to realize that they sit at a keenly pivotal position in any process, be it business, societal, personal. Today’s data professionals have an unprecedented capacity to hinder change or to empower, enable, and accelerate innovation that will transform how we work and live. Exciting times!

Leaders have an increasing sense of data’s importance. Yet, there remains considerable mystery about how that manifests itself in practice and tangible improvement. Capitalizing on insights, leaders might leave competition in the dust. Missing something important might mean their organization’s demise. Data professionals have the opportunity and arguably the obligation to approach design, implementation and maintenance in a manner that builds in the need to enable and fuel strategy and change on a never-ceasing basis. After all, data’s value is derived from its usefulness. The organization should learn from information at hand, from experience, and from the outside world. 

We will review common frameworks that leaders use to think about strategy, to tackle strategic problems, and to translate findings into a need for information, e.g., score cards, KPIs, dashboards. In turn, that influences and involves engaged data professionals in many ways: funding, sequencing of data management initiatives, choosing platforms and tools, modeling to accommodate future change, developing or acquiring skills, placing activities centrally or not, deciding which data to optimize for OLTP, OLAP, etc. -- the output of which feeds strategy and change.


About the Speaker


Tamara McKinney is founder and CEO of The Constant Group Inc, a consultancy advising businesses and organizations on matters of strategy, improvement, and technology. Before TCG, Tamara led an educational technology startup out of the blocks until it was a sustainable, multimillion-dollar business. As a Bain & Company consultant, she advised C-level executives. Tamara earned a Harvard MBA following a decade of championing award-winning technology-related improvements in services, finance, and controllership at NCR Corporation. When NCR absorbed both Teradata Corporation and AT&T‘s computer division, she was right-hand to the U.S. CFO. She currently serves on the Technology Committee of the Union League Club of Chicago and on the MBA Advisory Board at Ball State University where she studied finance and computer science as an undergraduate.




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