Standard Operating Procedure for Normalized Database Design


Presenter: Thomas LeBlanc



Session Details:

Join Database Normalization nut Thomas LeBlanc for a review of a Standard Operating Procedure used among DBAs as a template for database normalization. This session will touch on conceptual design, naming conventions, check list for creating a table and lookup table structure. These points are a preview of the PASS Summit 2011 talk 3rd Normal Form: That’s Crazy Talk! This discussion is based on 21+ years of developing databases for application developers. This session will include identity columns for primary keys and the need for a unique constraint on transaction and lookup tables. The creation of a SOP for DBAs can help developers follow a standard and DBAs code review the database design.

About the Speaker:

Thomas LeBlanc, MCDBA & MCITP (@TheSmilingDBA), is an Enterprise Database Architect at Blue Cross-Blue Shield in Baton Rouge, LA. He has worked in the IT field for 21+ years starting as a COBOL programmer, graduating to dBase, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, upgrading to Visual Basic versions 3-6 and even some .Net(C#). Designing and developing normalized database has become his passion. Thomas began working as a full-time DBA 11 years ago at a Paper Mill, continuing with IEM then Amedisys where performance tuning and reviewing database design and code was an everyday occurrence. Thomas’ current activity at BCBS involves implementing Informatica as an Enterprise ETL tool. Thomas’ free time is spent helping those less fortunate and improving his relationship with his family.

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